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Hire the Best and Brightest Talent for your Production

For you as a Producer, hiring the right talent is not just a necessity. It ensures that YOUR client’s products or services strike a chord with their respective audience. But most important of all, it ensures that your clients get value for their money.

Ken Lazer Casting Company takes the guesswork out of your casting needs. With more than 21 years and a proven track record of success, Ken Lazer has become an invaluable asset for the slew of directors and producers from production companies and ad agencies who depend on him to make their productions shine.


Our quality casting sessions ensure that you are paired with the best talent for your specific project

Your clients’ product might be the next best thing since sliced bread but it takes one bad actor to make it look anything but appealing in a commercial of its own. At Ken Lazer Casting Company, we know that a production’s success depends on the right cast just as a company’s success lies in hiring the right talent. You don’t have to worry about miscasting your client’s investment to failure with Ken Lazer and his team at your back.

Many of Ken’s clients, especially some who’ve tried a bit of self-casting themselves, have indicated just how pleased and won over they were by his work and the overall experience. Understanding the needs of both producers and productions alike is key to everything he does and at a surprisingly affordable cost.

One recent client points to just how accessible Ken Lazer Casting Company has proven to be, praising the “superior customer service” and a reliable “good attitude” throughout the project. Another client appreciated the service-to-service professionalism, adding “it’s nice when another person takes the initiative, pays attention to every detail, cares and understands.”


From Babies to Beauty Queens and So Much More

Ken Lazer Casting Company has provided professional talent for everything from Commercials and Voiceovers to Webisodes, TV shows, Print, Feature Films, and Infomercials. In other words, we know what your clients need to make their productions beat the competition.

Our history of casting successes includes regional, national and international commercials. We have provided talented casts for projects that involve adults, babies, children, celebrities, singers, dancers, stunt people, comedians and even the strong relationships we have with the improv communities, in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Our expertise lies in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the people who audition for our clients’ requirements and ensuring that every production receives the right talent.


Voiceovers keep viewers hooked throughout the duration of a production. Of course it takes a lot more than a good voice to make an effective voiceover. Will the voiceover artist click with your specific client’s audience?

Leave it to us. As a commercial casting company, we specialize in casting talent for voiceover networking with the best and brightest in the business. We have provided voiceover talent for productions that included the best in show business such as Alicia Keys, Rod Stewart, Whitney Houston, and Adam Lambert, and can do the same for yours.

And that’s not all. Our expertise in casting the best talent also extends to international productions for foreign projects such as advertisements for French hotels or Spanish brands. We also cast Voiceovers for Italian, German and Thai productions.


As a commercial casting director, Ken has successfully managed casting for several “Real People” searches. These included projects for Marriott Hotels, Home Depot, Comcast Cable, Doublemint Gum & Focus Factor among several others. One major Mitsubishi campaign involved pinpointing 12 unique professionals including an opera singer, chef, body builders, magician, a former Miss USA, and aerospace engineers.


We already know who the top and most experienced candidates are for the roles in your production. In other words, we save you the days of time you need to screen and appoint your cast of characters. How? We do the auditions, digitally record them and email you the link to the casting sessions wherever you may happen to be the same day.


Ken Lazer Casting Company has honed relationships with notable talent agents and managers that represent stellar talent.  We also have access to a large promising pool of actors who do not as of yet have an agent to represent them but we will be sure to present them to you on your sessions.


We ensure that our talent choices IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS PROSPECTS!

Our goal is simple; to ensure that you, the Producer present your client with the best talent choices presented in a professional presentation via a simple session link. We make sure to use professional sound, lighting and camera equipment in each casting session before we record them and send the link to you the same day.  This way, you know how our chosen applicants will perform if they were to be cast in the roles that your clients are looking for.


And beware of so called “actor database sites” that try to sell themselves off as the real deal and present Producers with Actors that do not know the first thing about acting for the camera, as a free service.

Remember, the people in these online databases cannot provide you the quality cast that you require to make your own production shine. These actors are swindled into paying lots of money to have their resumes and headshots on those websites in the hopes of “making it big.” Producers who specialize in casting these people go through hundreds and even thousands of CVs over several days or even weeks and designate them into roles that these actors are too inexperienced to do.  They are not good actors.

Long story short, you get what you pay for. And you will not be getting a lot if you decide to shave a few bucks off your casting budget to hire actors that are considered mediocre by today’s standards, therefore risking future business with your client.


  • Adults, Teens, Children, Babies
  • Spokespeople/Hosts, Improv Troupes, Comedians, Dancers, Singers
  • Real People Casting
  • On-Camera & Voice-Over Commercials, Industrials, Promos, Videogames, Audiobooks,
  • Full Props & Wardrobe Closet
  • Same Day Posting Of Casting Sessions
  • Blue, Grey & White Backdrops