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27+ years has developed Ken’s outstanding eye & ear for the best talent. His experience and credentials have made him an invaluable commodity to Ad Agencies and Production Companies.


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Ken Lazer


Ken Lazer, is a seasoned veteran in the business for the past 27+ years working as a widely sought after New York City and Los Angeles Casting Director. His experience and credentials have made him an invaluable commodity to Ad agencies and Production Companies over the past two decades, successfully casting thousands of Commercials, Voice-overs, Industrials, Real People, Beauty, Feature Film, TV Shows, Reality TV, Print, and Infomercials. He has worked brands such as Sony Music, Kay Jewelry, Zales, Univision, Pfizer, Amazon, Marriott Hotels, Gap, MTV (One Show Award), WOM! Mobile, CityMD, Alcon, Home Depot, Bloomberg, Mastercard, Citi Bank, Mitsubishi, Levis, Pampers, Avon, Lifetime, ForeverMark Jewelry, BBC America, Dunkin Donuts, Doritos, Pillsbury, Cool Whip, Wendy’s, the list goes on and on. Ken Lazer Casting Company continues to support and provide successful casts for all types of productions.  Throughout his casting career, Ken Lazer has had the fortune of working with numerous talented Industry directors and producers such as: Evan Silver, Joshua Greenberg, Denise Goodwin Pace, Robert Tortoriello and many others.

What set’s Ken apart from other Casting Directors is his attention to detail, dedication and compassion along with lending his expertise and experience to each and every client he works with. He includes the use of top-quality recording equipment ensuring the best visual and sound quality. He creates a clear picture with the use of props and wardrobe. He has an acute ability to bring in a variety of actors to cast the perfect talent for any project. Actors have grown to trust Ken because of his friendly, welcoming personality and insightful direction. He understands that by making sure his talent feel relaxed, they are able to enjoy the audition process in a supportive environment and allow him to get top performance for his clients.

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