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Wanted to share a question from an actor and my response…

QUESTION: When I lived in secondary markets like Philadelphia, the generally accepted resume format included commercials, industrials and other categories besides film/tv/theater. However, once I hit New York it was emphatically stated by a variety of sources that the resume needs to be in a very particular format and that one doesn’t list commercials or industrials. It makes sense for legit but how does this help when submitting to a commercial casting director like yourself (such as when posting my resume in your website database)? Is there some alternate form of resume or a list of commercials that one should submit?

ANSWER: It’s true. Here’s the reason:
If you shot a McDonalds commercial and that’s on ur resume and a Burger King commercial audition comes up you most likely wouldn’t be able to audition. Conflict with McDonalds.

However, it’s important to have a video reel right? And you should have that McDonalds commercial on it.

For resume, put “Conflicts Available Upon Request”
For the reel, I suggest putting the year the commercial aired. Usually protocol is if the spot has not been on air or in public eye for at least 2 years it’s not a conflict anymore.

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