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How to get Casting Directors to Notice You

How to get Casting Directors to Notice You

As you may already know, there are always more actors than there are roles. This is the case in  every film industry around the world. Every actor wants the same thing as you do – to be cast in  major movies. This makes getting cast very competitive. To be the one who comes out on top,  you have to stand out.
How then do you get to stand out to get noticed by those that matter, especially the casting  directors in such a dynamic field like acting?
You don’t necessarily need to sign under agencies to get noticed, even though it significantly  increases your chances. The world has become so small and interconnected that you can now  do most things by yourself with the right information, knowledge, and diligence to push on. If  you wish to compete and play alongside the big names in the industry, you have to look out for  the most unique and efficacious marketing strategy. You will be marketing yourself, and create a  marketable personality that compels NYC Casting Directors to look your way.
One of the things that cause actors to fail in their attempt to get noticed by casting directors is  the manner in which they reach out to agents and casting directors who know little or nothing  about them. Actors tend to think that sending beautifully crafted emails out of the blue can  help them capture that much-coveted attention. Although this isn’t exactly a bad move, the  truth is that most directors get tons of emails from aspiring actors. With these high numbers,  it’s so easy for them to to ignore these emails. After a while, your emails become spamming, in  every sense of the word. Try something different and you’ll be treated differently. To get  noticed, you have to make contact first. In this article, we discuss making contact with casting  directors then getting them to notice you. See below.

The Best Ways to Contact Casting Directors 

  • Play Safe 

Knowing one casting director can go a long way to influence your acting career. To get  the attention of that one or two directors you need, make sure you are careful enough  not to mess things up from the get go. If you do, you might spend a large chunk of your  role-hunting life going round in circles without results. When or if you choose to reach  out to a director, try as best as you can to not over-do it. You don’t want to be seen as a  pest. If you must reach out, try to space the timing to about 4-6 months, and before you  do, make sure you have something to show. Don’t appear desperate by asking for roles  or auditions or stating that you want them to help you become famous.

  • Send emails, don’t call 

Calling a director who doesn’t know you is a daring thing to do and it may mar your  chances. Rather than placing a call to them, send an email. Also, don’t send DMs! While  you may not always get a response to your email, it remains the safest way of making  contact.

  • Have something to show 

When you reach out, don’t just do so because you have an ambition, have something to  show for the efforts you have made towards making your dream a reality, and to show  that you have what it takes. Introduce yourself properly and display contents or samples.

  • Be apt and straight to the point 

Remember that casting directors are busy people who may not have all the time to go  through your long life’s epistle. Keep your mail short, coherent, and straight to the point.

How to Get Noticed by Casting Directors 

Remember to make every opportunity count. Take it as though it is your only chance of getting  noticed by the director. Below are some tips to help you stand out:

Create an appointment time to audition 

The biggest casting directors are not big on having actors crash their session with unannounced  visits. You have to take the time out to get an appointment (if you can get one); a time whereby  your presence is expected and welcome.
It is important that you’re not late for your appointment. If you are, you risk looking like an  unserious pain and may miss one of the surest opportunities to get noticed by casting directors.  However, if you do arrive, and on time, you can be sure of the fact that they too are on the  lookout for the right fit. All you need do is to prove that you are the best fit for the job. Look out  for a casting director or agent near you, and make the impression of a lifetime.

Make sure you have a classy and unique style 

Everyone has a fashion style and this is one of the things casting directors look out for. They  want to get an idea of your personality so they skim through your pictures. If you present  pictures that were taken carelessly, they may not take you seriously. Make sure that you present  a style that suits the role you are auditioning for. If you are sending an email, ensure that the  email photo is presentable and marketable enough. That might be all you need to get your  email read. It’s all about the right packaging.

Be good at what you do 

You don’t want to spend all that time and energy marketing a bad product. Make sure that you  have something to offer before you try to get the attention of casting directors. You can always trust that words travel fast so if you are not as good as you say you are, you might soon become  the joke of the industry.

Publicize the work you have already done 

Publicity is one way to get known. No matter how small your past role might have been, get  enough publicity around it, granted that you know that you did a good job. With time, the right  people will want to work with you. You don’t have to get the lead role in a box office movie  before you let people know that you are a good actor. The short films, skits, monologues, etc.,  all matter.

Talk about what you have to offer, not what you want to get 

This cannot be overemphasized. People will rate you according to your value; no one wants to  be associated with a predator, not even casting directors. Always present yourself as one who  wants to add value and not one who is hungry for fame.


Acting can be a very dicey terrain but it is not insurmountable. The most important factor to  help you succeed in your acting career asides from your talent is your consistency. If you remain  consistently good at what you do, the right people will get to notice you, but before then, you  have to focus on self-improvement. Remember that casting directors are always on the lookout  for the best, make sure you are worth investing their time, energy, and resources on.